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    Village west sheikh zayed
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Village West Sheikh Zayed Compound Details
Village west sheikh zayed Dorra Development has launched its most prominent project in the heart of Sheikh Zayed City, west of Cairo. amazing .
This is because the company that developed the compound hired a French engineering company, and this made the project appear in a wonderful way and distinguished from other projects because it was designed with the best modern designs on the world class according to the basic standards and engineering architectural methods.
Village West Sheikh Zayed Compound also offers a range of services and public facilities, as well as providing many entertainment facilities in order to meet all the needs of the residents, and the compound has worked on the presence of vital recreational places and is close to the most important areas and main axes.
Own your residential unit now in an ideal compound that includes many services, luxuries and public facilities, and get the best wonderful views of the distinctive and attractive nature and enjoy a view of the green spaces and artificial lakes that give you a sense of comfort and calm.
It also provides you with the ideal lifestyle that makes you feel completely comfortable and relaxed, book now for you and your family at the best competitive prices and the longest repayment period in the Village West Sheikh Zayed compound, the ideal life you are looking for.

The location of the Village West Sheikh Zayed compound
Dorra Real Estate Company provided all its previous experience in choosing the location of the project, as it paid attention to the site because it is the main source of investment and therefore chose it very carefully to be in the middle of the most vital areas and the main axes, and therefore the compound is located in the most important strategic locations in the heart of Sheikh Zayed, as it is always keen to be The location is unique and easy to access and vice versa.

Among the most important neighboring areas:
It enjoys close to some other compounds such as (Royal City Compound - Cairo Gate Compound)
It is 3 minutes away from the 26th of July Corridor.
And 10 minutes from Mall of Arabia.
It is also only two minutes away from Hyper One supermarket.
It is also 4 minutes away from the desert road and has a direct entrance to it.
The area of ​​the Village West Sheikh Zayed compound
Village West Sheikh Zayed is built on a suitable and sufficient land area to a certain extent, in order to accommodate all the basic services and recreational places, as well as providing a certain amount of space to be the share of green spaces and water bodies, so that all units enjoy distinctive views of wonderful and stunning views.
Where the company has allocated a plot of land in Sheikh Zayed with a size of about 125 acres for the establishment of a full-service compound and various residential units, and the space has been divided into two parts between buildings and constructions, which amount to 20% of the total area.
The interior spaces of the units varied through the diversity of the available units, which are (apartments - duplexes - penthouses).
The rest of the space was used to be the share of wide green spaces, water bodies, landscapes and recreational places, and it occupies the largest percentage 80% of the total area of ​​the project.

Village West Zayed Compound Design
Dorra Investment and Real Estate Development Company took into account the modern engineering designs in the construction of Village West Sheikh Zayed Compound, as the company was keen that the compound be appropriate and suit all different tastes and appear with a unique aesthetic view that has not been seen before.
Therefore, Dorra Real Estate Company used one of the best engineering companies, a French engineering company, to design the compound in a creative way with the best standards and construction standards.
The units of the compound were also designed using the latest high-end modern architectural methods and styles, as it provided three models of unit designs so that the customer chooses the appropriate design according to his personal taste.

Village West Sheikh Zayed Compound Services
Village West Compound in Sheikh Zayed village west compound is one of the most prestigious compounds that are characterized by the provision of many basic services and public utilities, where Dorra Development and Real Estate Investment has provided a sufficient range of services that some clients need, in order to ensure that we provide all the needs of the residents without the need to leave the compound Therefore, it provided a large number of different features and entertainment means.

Among the services and features available:
The Village West compound includes vast green spaces and a landscape that surrounds the entire compound, giving a wonderful aesthetic view of the diversity of bright colors.
There are water bodies and artificial lakes with a decent creative view spread throughout the compound.
Providing a group of dense trees, colorful flowers and vast gardens overlooking all the units of the compound to give you a distinctive view.
There are also tracks dedicated to running, walking, cycling and early morning sports.
In addition to allocating a variety of recreational places for children, where all games and recreational activities are available.
There are also commercial centers and a supermarket to meet the necessary household needs.
It includes a group of shops and major malls with the most famous international brands and brands.
It contains a group of restaurants and cafes that offer the most delicious foods and various drinks at a high hotel level.
There is also a clubhouse with gymnasiums equipped with the latest sports equipment and qualified fitness trainers.
Also, add a health club with a spa, sauna and jacuzzi to spend enjoyable times of relaxation and comfort.
Providing spacious swimming pools designed in a modern style and of varying sizes and shapes to suit all age groups.
Covered and insured private garage.
It includes integrated security services by providing security and guard personnel throughout the day.

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