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    Hacienda West North Coast
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Hacienda West North Coast details
Hacienda West North Coast is the largest of the new Palm Hills Developments projects, which is located on the charming turquoise Mediterranean waters for the eyes, and is close to the most vital spots and main roads that facilitate quick access for future owners without any possible obstacles To confront them, as it is located specifically in kilo 200 of Alexandria / Marsa Matrouh Road, and the company was keen to use the best experts in the field of consulting in order to do the best in all designs that come on the finest and latest European international methods in addition to using the best materials and foundations in construction To resist all erosion factors
The company also provided vast green spaces in Hacienda West Ras El Hekma so that all residential units of various types and areas overlook them to give a lot of relaxation in the same owners while reflecting their picturesque colors on the water bodies that surround them to create harmony that enchants the eyes, in addition to the payment facilities are the best In the region in order to meet all the needs of those wishing to invest and seize this opportunity now.
Hacienda West North Coast location
Palm Hills, the owner of Hacienda West, was keen, at the beginning of its planning for the project, to choose the most important and distinguished spots located on the Mediterranean Sea in order to lay the foundations on them, and the choice was made on an exceptional site, specifically in kilo 200 of the Alexandria / Marsa Matrouh road, to put the owners close to all places that they want to go to with ways that will make it easier for them to move quickly and shorten the time.
The location of Hacienda West North Coast is close to:
Cairo Governorate is only two hours away
Sidi Abdel Rahman area
10 km from Ras Al-Hikma Bay area
In addition to its proximity to 65 km from Hacienda White Resort
Amwaj قرية Village
It is 2 km away from Fouka Bay Road.
208 km from Marsa Matrouh Governorate
And also the North Coast Marassi village
New Alamein Airport
And also Alexandria Airport
In addition to Borg El Arab International Airport
The new vital investment city of El Alamein
Hacienda West North Coast Resort Design
The interests of the company developed and based on Hacienda West North Coast were based on choosing the latest international designs for buildings from the outside to attract all eyes and distinguish them from the rest of the resorts in the region in addition to the finest finishes and interior decorations, and for this, it used the largest experts and engineering consultants to appear in the best images that satisfies all The owners and attract all eyes, in addition to the best materials in construction that would resist the erosion factors of the sea and resist natural earthquakes
The company was also keen to provide vast green spaces that would generate relaxation for the owners, whose colors reflected on the artificial lakes with crystal water, in addition to the presence of crystal lagoons, which reflect the colors of nature to create a harmony that seeks psychological comfort with a direct view of the charming turquoise waters of the Mediterranean for the eyes and It is also located at a depth of up to 1.5 km and a long beach with soft sand suitable for children and bright white that charms the eyes
Hacienda West North Coast Services
The company that owns Hacienda West North Coast has added many facilities and services that will help the owners to get all their needs with ease without having to leave within the boundaries of the village. Degrees of safety and security to increase their enjoyment during the period of presence, and the activities and services provided by the company in Hacienda West Ras Al-Hikma are as follows:
Contracting with the best security men and guards to work around the clock to provide a safe residence experience for the owners
In addition to its keenness to provide surveillance cameras to operate 24 hours a day in all parts of the village with the highest technologies on offer
There is also a hypermarket with all international and local brands and products to satisfy all tastes of owners
Also, care was taken to allocate a children's area with the latest safe games
Amusement parks at the highest level
There is a rescue team on the beaches to intervene quickly and avoid any cases of drowning
Medical centers work around the clock to provide a comprehensive experience and rapid emergency intervention with all professionalism
And there are pharmacies that work all the time, with all local and international medicines
Only cycling tracks are denounced to avoid any collisions
In addition to allocating tracks for running
It also built several garages to accommodate all owners' cars without any overcrowding
A variety of restaurants have also been provided, offering all delicious foods from various countries of the world to satisfy all tastes
Cafes located near the beach and swimming pools with a distinctive view to enjoy
Swimming pools of various depths suitable for all ages
Care was taken to provide bathrooms for children only
In addition to the Local Guide Program
It contains beaches with white and soft sand suitable for children
Villas located in the first row and directly overlooking the sea for more relaxation for residents
And also enough distance between all housing units to ensure privacy
Providing more services and other features, including:
A spa health club that provides a jacuzzi and sauna service to relax all visitors and rest
There is a GYM gym with the latest sports machines and the most skilled trainers with a distinctive view to encourage customers to exercise better
Water activities on natural beaches to increase enjoyment, such as: beach ball
A commercial mall with the most famous international brands to provide a shopping experience that will not be repeated
Pet gardens
In addition

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