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    residential |
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    Hacienda White North Coast
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Hacienda White North Coast Details
Hacienda White North Coast is one of the largest new projects located on the waters of the Mediterranean and the splendor of the charming turquoise colors for the eyes, under the management of Palm Hills Developments, close to the most important vital sites and main roads, as it is located specifically in kilo 140 of the area Sidi Abdel Rahman, to make it easier for the owner to move quickly without any obstacles
The company was also keen to show the resort with the best designs that keep pace with the world in Europe and with the finest finishes and decorations from the inside to create harmony between them, and for this, it has used the largest expertise in the field to attract all attention to it, in addition to allocating vast green spaces that reflect its picturesque colors on the water bodies. To provide relaxation and comfort from all residential units, and also provided many important services and activities that meet all the needs of owners during their stay in Hacienda White North Coast, in addition to its keenness to provide various spaces at various prices and competitive payment methods to facilitate those wishing to invest and seize the opportunity with this huge edifice
Hacienda White North Coast location
One of the biggest concerns of the company, Palm Hills, based on Hacienda White, while planning the project, was to choose the best plot of land that is close to the most important vital places and main roads to make it easier for future owners to quickly reach anywhere they want without any obstacles they might face. In kilo 140 directly from Alexandria / Marsa Matrouh road
The places near Hacienda White North Coast are as follows:
The project is located near the new Fouka Road
It is also approaching the tourist village of Zoya on the North Coast
In addition to the village of Hacienda Bay North Coast, Hacienda Bay North Coast
And also located near the village of Hacienda West
It is also about three hours away from Cairo Governorate
And also the village of Telal North Coast
Ras El Hekma Bay area
Design Hacienda White North Coast
Palm Hills Company has been keen to design Hacienda White North Coast with the latest international designs with a character of sophistication and luxury for the buildings from the outside, which distinguishes it from the rest of the resorts on the coast to attract all eyes to it, in addition to the consistency with the finishes and interior decorations, in addition to its use of the best materials in construction and foundations in order to To resist all factors of erosion and earthquakes, and for that, the company has hired the best experts in the field of engineering consultancy to cooperate with in the inauguration of the resort

And I also planned to put vast green spaces in Hacienda White North Coast, showing a distinctive view of all the existing housing units, in addition to allocating large areas between the buildings to ensure privacy for all residents in the village, which takes the shape of the letter U in the English language, which gives all the units a distinctive view on the flats The water and the beach, which extends with its soft sand, which suits children and reflects the bright sunshine throughout the year, allowing for a visit and a warm atmosphere in the summer and also winter
Hacienda White North Coast Services
Palm Hills Real Estate Development, which developed the Hacienda White North Coast Resort, has added many services and recreational activities as well as sports in it in order to suit all owners during their stay and get all their needs without the need to leave the boundaries of the compound and increase the entertainment and enjoyment during their presence, which is reflected in the image Positive for the company with more satisfaction, and the activities and services in Hacienda White Resort are as follows:
A security and guarding team at the highest levels of training works around the clock
Also, care was taken to provide surveillance cameras and systems that operate with the highest technologies in display and recording, spread throughout the resort and at a permanent rate.
There is also the well-known Laundry service, but with the latest methods
Housekeeping service for condominiums
Electric generators in order to ensure that the facilities are not affected by any power outages
A commercial area with the most famous international brands at competitive prices for the village
Restaurants and cafes overlooking the sea that provide the best international foods at the hands of the most skilled chefs to satisfy all customer tastes
There is also high-speed internet and WIFI
Swimming pools of various depths to suit adults and children as well
A rescue team is present on the beach in order to ensure that there are no cases of drowning
There is also a hypermarket with all local and international food products to meet all the needs of owners in the future
It also took care of establishing a sports walkway dedicated to running and walking only
Cycling trails are also provided
Aqua Park has been provided on a large area with the latest fun games
And there is also a Land Scape
In addition to the soft sandy beaches that give psychological comfort
Places have also been allocated for all sports with the best modern technologies
Places to change clothes for men and also for women
Places to walk and play with pets
Also, care was taken to provide all important food products and services to them
The company added more important services and activities such as:
Care has been taken to add places for water and beach games such as beach ball
There is also a maintenance team to ensure that the facilities appear in the best images constantly
A hygiene team for the non-proliferation of infectious diseases and the emergence of Hacienda White North Coast with the best pictures constantly and a healthy atmosphere
Kids Area has the best games for kids that apply security methods
Golf courses are available in Central Hacienda White with a large area in nature
Golf Academy Offers Certificates to H . Village

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