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    Venia New Capital
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Details of Vienna, the new administrative capital
Gates Developments announced its major new projects in the most important strategic areas that attract investments in the Arab Republic of Egypt under the name of Venia New Capital, which means in Latin (family), specifically in the seventh residential district R7, which is the most prestigious neighborhood Residential buildings in the capital and close to the most important landmarks and main roads that will facilitate the customers to move quickly without any obstacles
The company has also worked on choosing the finest modern designs for residential buildings to make all owners feel distinct, all of which overlook the vast green areas that show a distinct view of all units that helps to feel psychological comfort and occupies 80% of the total area of ​​the compound, which is about 40 acres, with the latest integrated services And recreational activities that help you spend a good time with the strongest security methods

And it was also keen to provide a diversity of residential units and their spaces to meet all the needs of customers with the best prices that are not competitive from the rest of the compounds in the region, with payment and installment systems that remove any obstacle standing in the way of contracting up to 8 years without any interest

The location of the new administrative capital, Vienna, Venia New Capital
Gates Real Estate Company was keen to launch the Vina compound in the new administrative capital in the most vital locations that are close to the main roads and the rest of the strategic landmarks that attract major investments on the level of the Egyptian lands. in the D4 قطعة piece

Thus, the compound is close to:
The Green River, which is the most important landmark of the capital, with its longest parks in the world, is twice the size of Central Park in the United States of America
Mohammed bin Zayed North Axis
Fair City
It is also located at a distance of 1.5 km from the airport road and the ring road
The new presidential palace in the new administrative capital
Al-Fattah Al-Alim Mosque, from which prayers are transferred on major occasions
It is also located near the Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ, which is the largest in the Middle East
It is also located near the Al-Massa Hotel
The central station of the monorail, which is the fastest in Egypt, transporting 4,500 passengers per hour
It is also close to the financial and government district, as well as the diplomatic district
The integrated medical city with the latest medical technologies and the most skilled doctors
The most prestigious compounds such as: Anakaji Compound, IL Bosco Compound, and also Sin Seven Compound
In addition to being close to the most important international educational universities, such as the Russian, British and Swedish universities
The space of Vienna, the new administrative capital, Venia New Capital
One of the biggest concerns of Gates Development and Real Estate Investment at the beginning of its planning for the Venice New Capital project is to choose the best and largest possible plot of land to lay the foundations on it and it can include all its plans in the integration of different activities and units

Where the choice was made on a plot of land with an area of ​​about 40 acres, divided into 20% allocated for buildings and housing, with the remaining 80% for the vast green spaces that possess various types of trees and colorful flowers that reflect their picturesque colors on the artificial lakes with crystal water until an artistic painting occurs. Distinguished view of all units helps to psychological comfort during the period of presence, and worked to add all the important services so as not to make customers need to go out to get their requests, with modern technologies that keep pace with the fourth generation, where it is keen to provide new methods for modern housing, with all recreational and sports activities Which helps to have a good time, in addition to the strongest security services to make the owners feel safe all the time.

The design of the new administrative capital, Vienna, Venia New Capital
Gates Real Estate Company worked to show the Venia New Capital with the finest international designs for all the residential buildings located in it with the most luxurious finishes so that the owners feel a distinct experience in residency for all the existing housing units, which vary in size to meet all the needs of customers and which were launched with the finest materials in construction And the foundations that are resistant to all factors of erosion and earthquakes, with attention to privacy for all owners during their stay through street widths that start from 13 to 34 square meters with three entrances to the project. Design & Consultation (ACDC) by Dr. Hammad Abdullah, former Dean of the College of Applied Arts, as well as the National Service Projects Organization (NSPO) to supervise implementation.

The residential buildings space in the compound is divided as follows:
There are three stages
49 buildings
Each building consists of a ground floor and 7 floors
Each floor consists of 4 apartments of different sizes for 10 models
And also the number of 27 independent and connected villas
In addition to the first phase, which includes 18 buildings with 376 units in five models
Services in the new administrative capital of Vienna Venia New Capital
Gates Real Estate has put a great effort into the integration of the Venia New Capital compound of services that help meet all the owners' daily needs with all the entertainment methods to spend an enjoyable time

The most prominent services and activities in the compound are as follows:
A security system at the highest level working around the clock with trained guards
It also provided surveillance cameras throughout with the latest recording technology
solar energy systems

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