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    Hacienda Bay North Coast
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Hacienda Bay North Coast details
Palm Hills Development Company announced its largest new projects, which owns the name Hacienda Bay North Coast, to become the third project of the company with the title of Hacienda, which means a large property or a farm with a residence, and the company was keen to be located in the most important spots located on the waters The turquoise Mediterranean Sea that charms all eyes, as it is located specifically in the 124th kilometer on the Alexandria / Marsa Matrouh road and the Sidi Abdel Rahman area
And the company was also keen to provide the resort with the best international designs to be a mixture between modern design and sophistication to suit all the tastes of investors. With the best technologies and the best security methods, and Palm Hills has also provided several vast green spaces that add a distinctive and relaxing view to all units that come in various types and spaces, as well as prices, in addition to cash facilities to meet all the needs and possibilities of those wishing to invest in Hacienda Bay
Hacienda Bay North Coast location
At the beginning of its planning for the Hacienda Bay North Coast Resort, Palm Hills was keen to be located in the most vital places in order to get close to all the places wanted by future owners, in addition to the main roads to save the distances and times they take to travel distances to go to, as the choice was made on a plot of land located specifically In kilo 124 of Alexandria / Marsa Matrouh road
Hacienda Bay North Coast is also close to:
10 minutes from El Alamein Museum of World War II
60 minutes from Borg El Arab Airport
An hour and a half from Alexandria Airport
Two hours from Alexandria, the second largest governorate in Egypt
It also enjoys close to other important villages such as (Marassi North Coast, Hacienda White Coast)
hacienda bay designs north coast
Palm Hills, the main developer of Hacienda Bay North Coast Resort, was keen at the beginning of planning for this huge edifice to choose the best international designs and the finest finishes abroad to attract all attention to it and be distinguished from the rest of the projects in the area with the finishes and interior decorations that harmonize with the outside and express luxury
The company also emphasized its use of the best materials in construction and foundations in order to resist all erosion factors that are more noticeably present on the coastal areas, in addition to resisting earthquakes, which is the most used technology in Japan, in addition to allocating vast green spaces in order to increase the aesthetic ratio of the resort and to increase Relaxation for all owners through a distinctive view of all residential units and a view that fascinates the eyes with the sparkling turquoise Mediterranean waters and soft white sand. Also, the company that owns Hacienda Bay, during the planning of the project design, was keen to add large spaces between all the housing units to ensure privacy for the residents. out
Hacienda Bay North Coast Services
The company that owns Hacienda Bay North Coast has developed many services and recreational activities as well as important sports that meet all the needs of the owners without the need to go outside the boundaries of the compound to get what they want, in addition to increasing the rates of enjoyment during the period of presence in the village, which is reflected in positive proportions on the company from Through the increase in investor satisfaction with the village and its outlet
These services and activities consist of the following points:
Fully functional surveillance cameras to provide the highest degree of security around the clock
Contracting with the largest security companies to provide the best security men and guards who work 24 hours a day on a rotational system to avoid any security defect
A large hospital with the most skilled doctors and modern medical technologies
Integrated pharmacies operating around the clock
There are also five-star hotels that provide the best high-end hotel services
Restaurants have also been provided with the most skilled chefs who serve international delicacies
Beach cafés to ensure a unique view of relaxation with all hot and tropical drinks
In addition to a large mosque characterized by the best designs that evoke reverence
Also, care was taken to inaugurate a church on a large area
Swimming pools are available in various depths to suit all age groups
A team equipped to rescue along the beach to avoid any cases of drowning
And there is also a golf course that extends over a large area of ​​about 672 thousand square meters
Adding more services and features such as:
GYM gyms are equipped with the best modern fitness equipment
Social club and central garden for family gatherings
Sports fields for various sports equipped with the best technology
There are also trainers for all sports at the highest international level
A SPA health club has been provided with all modern relaxation techniques, a Jacuzzi, in addition to a sauna
Leisure clubs with pool tables and playstations
In addition to large artificial lakes in a distinctive area with wonderful sparkling crystal water that fascinates the eyes
Vast green spaces with various trees and picturesque natural flowers that reflect their colors on the water bodies to create harmony between the colors of nature in a dazzling view of all units
And there is also a trained team for maintenance work for all facilities in Hacienda Bay North Coast Tourist
A constantly working cleanliness was also provided to ensure that the compound appeared in the best pictures and to reduce the spread of diseases
In addition to an ambulance trained to rescue all emergency cases at the highest level
Dedicated tracks for cycling and others only for running away from cars to avoid any collision
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