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    Capstone sheikh Zayed
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Capstone sheikh Zayed . Details
Capstone sheikh Zayed is one of the finest residential compounds, as it is a new residential edifice for Barjuan Real Estate Development Company. A group of public services and utilities, as well as many different features, green spaces and artificial lakes in order to provide a clean healthy environment free from pollution and overcrowding. It is a project that was established to provide comfort, privacy and tranquility away from other crowded communities and noise. To choose a distinguished geographical location to establish this great residential health to be close to the most important direct roads and main axes.

Take the opportunity now and own a full-service residential unit overlooking a healthy and pure environment through stunning crystal lakes and green spaces with bright colors, with the lowest reservation down payment and the longest payment period, Capstone Sheikh Zayed Compound. Life begins here. Book now and enjoy a life full of luxury, comfort and recreation.

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Capstone Compound is located in the heart of Sheikh Zayed, where Barjuan Company for Development and Real Estate Investment, which is responsible for the implementation of the project, established it in a strategic location in the middle of most of the vital places, close to the main important axes and enjoys direct proximity to the most important roads and geographical areas, so the compound is located at the second entrance 2. In Sheikh Zayed City, it is adjacent to the Saudi Market and the Second Islamic Complex, next to Al-Ahly Club.

The most important nearby areas:
Close to the most important different universities such as
(Nile University - Cairo University - Canadian University)
It is also near major commercial centers
(Hyper One Market - Saudi Supermarket)
It is close to Zed Center Park.
It is also a short distance to Sheikh Zayed Hospital.
A few distance from Americana Plaza and the British School.
It is also located along the 26th of July axis.
It is separated by a few minutes from the 6th of October City and the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road.
The compound is only 20 km away from the Mohandessin district.
Capstone sheikh Zayed
Barjuan Real Estate Development Company took care of the project area, where the Capstone Sheikh Zayed compound was built on a huge land area that it chose with great care in order to construct a group of buildings and facilities, green spaces, as well as artificial lakes, landscapes and many entertainment facilities inside the compound, as the compound extends over a land area of About 20 acres, and a decision was issued by the company that the lowest height of the project is 4 meters, and also the highest height above the hill reaches 37 square meters.

The total area of ​​the 20-acre project was divided into 20% of it for the construction of buildings and various residential units, and the remaining part of the total area was allocated to be the share of green spaces, water bodies, landscapes and recreational areas, and also separated the main internal streets of the project by approximately From at least 13 meters, he also designed the main entrance to the Capstone compound, extending from the second entrance 2, Sheikh Zayed, located at the highest peak to the other entrance from the main street in front of the 13th district.

Capstone sheikh Zayed designs
Capstone Sheikh Zayed Compound was designed by a group of the best experts and architects in the field of architecture, which Barjuan Real Estate Development Company hired in order to implement the project in a modern and innovative way with a unique and distinctive character that you have not seen before, and the compound was designed with modern and attractive designs even It merges with the calm, comfort and natural colors of the green spaces and artificial lakes in the compound, and the engineers' keenness that all the units of the compound enjoy this high-end natural view that is characterized by sophistication and luxury.

The streets of the compound were designed in a circular way that surrounds all parts of the compound and provide all means of protection and security, which gives you a sense of comfort and relaxation in the midst of these green spaces, and bright colors.

Capstone sheikh Zayed services
Capstone Sheikh Zayed Compound is one of the most important and largest residential compounds that provided a variety of services and wonderful features through which it provides you with a full life with various services, whether basic or recreational, and the existence of areas and means for spending enjoyable times, all of these services in order to provide and meet all the needs The necessary and necessary population to live in a sophisticated and distinguished society full of differences.

Among these services are the following:
Capstone Compound includes a wide variety of green spaces and landscapes that surround all parts of the compound and increase the aesthetic appearance of the compound and give an attractive view.
It provides water bodies, artificial lakes, and waterfalls of wonderful colors available among the green spaces and spread throughout the compound to give a wonderful view and a different aesthetic appearance with a wonderful panoramic view.
Providing jogging, walking, running and cycling tracks.
There is also a Clubhouse (health club) that includes a sauna, spa and jacuzzi.
There is also a gym equipped with the latest gyms and sports equipment.
He also worked to allocate a special entertainment area for children, which is secured to spend fun times in peace.
There are commercial areas and shopping centers to meet the necessary household needs for living.

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