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Armonia, the new administrative capital
Armonia New Capital is one of the projects of The Land Developers for real estate development and investment, starting in the latest projects in the New Administrative Capital, a new edifice that includes international designs with distinctive views and stunning landscapes, Armonia is an integrated city in the new capital, below we will learn the most important information in the compound Starting from the beginning of his signature to its prices and payment methods.

Armonia, the administrative capital
The residence of the residential complex is located in the residential complex in the residential complex No. E3, located near the presidential palace and the residential center in the ministries district and the conference center, in addition to its proximity to government agencies and Cairo Airport.
Armonia Compound is designed with the latest modern designs to be your first and last choice, as it suits many services in addition to strict security measures due to the importance and vitality of an organized body, which ensures the safety of the areas and surroundings.
So, if you are looking for an integrated strategic location, a distinct project that shines in the sky of the capital, Armonia Compound, an image that reflects luxury and sophistication.

The space of the Armonia compound, the administrative capital
The area of ​​the total area is expanded by 22% of the total land area, and large green areas have been allocated, and the goods, industries and services that have been equipped in the compound, in order to ensure that. From the company to avoid crowding and noise in the project and to preserve the environment that customers are looking for.
A variety of spaces in a variety of different spaces and rarely, as with the latest modern designs.

Armonia New Administrative Capital Services:
The Land Developers was keen on real estate development.
And also maintenance services that work continuously to serve the compound.
Security services, security personnel, guarding and modern surveillance cameras throughout the day.
It also includes private car garages for compound residents to prevent overcrowding.
Providing secure places for children's recreational activities.
It also includes the green spaces surrounding the entire compound for picnic and play, and it gives a distinctive and wonderful view of your residential unit.
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There is also a gym with the latest equipment and fitness trainers.
And also contains sports fields for football, soccer and ball for the practice of favorite sports activities.
Dedicated places for exercise and sports to feel comfortable.
The compound also includes a spa, sauna, jacuzzi and spa.
It provides industrial pools of different shapes and sizes, and artificial lakes for adults and children.
It has fully equipped barbecues.
There is also a private petting zoo.
Shopping area in the malls for the largest international brands.
Food stores and stores.
It also contains sleeping tablets, in medical pharmacies that are fully prepared and equipped with modern medical technologies.
And also found a variety of the largest international restaurants.
Cafés and restaurants designed elegantly in Armonia New Administrative Capital.
Also providing Armonia Walk Mall, the administrative capital.
The space of residential units in Armonia compound, the administrative capital
It contains different types of spaces and different residential units, from apartments, townhouses, and luxury villas, as well as a private house.
In an effort to find what you are looking for at a price offered in the capital, and the compound includes 1750 units, during the week and the calm inside the project, and the spaces in Armonia compound are as follows:
The buildings consist of a ground floor with garden + and 5 upper floors.
There is a duplex for sale on the sixth and seventh floors.
Residential apartments, buildings eleven
It includes spaces starting from 88 up to 94 meters in one bedroom.
There are medium spaces of 140 square meters of medium of 140 square meters.
It also covers an area of ​​173 square meters.
As for the Park Buildings,
It also has an apartment starting from 156 m² up to 185 m², 2 bedrooms and a master bathroom.
And apartments from 187 meters up to 191 meters, 3 master bedrooms.
Apartments that start from a new area of ​​331 m² from an apartment of 346 m², a 4-bedroom apartment with one bedroom.
The Land Real Estate Development
The Land Real Estate Development Company, the land developers, owner of the project, Armonia, the new administrative capital of the armonia complex, the new capital.
Al-Tibi Company for Investment and Real Estate Development.
And the company Bosch A-part, one of the car maintenance giants and owner of the Bosch brand.
List of projects for the partnership between iron and concrete.
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